About Liam Anderson

IMG_1040Liam Anderson likes to call himself a wine mentor. Growing up in a wine family, he has been immersed in wine since he was a child. Learning about sustainable high quality viticulture from a very young age, he started pruning his fathers vineyards as a 13 year old. He began working for his parents at Wild Duck Creek Estate in 1998, graduated from Charles Sturt University with a Bachelor of Science (Wine Science) in 2006, and has been the head winemaker at Wild Duck Creek Estate since 2009, producing some of Australia’s most highly sought after red wines. He has been a wine professional for 18 years.

Liam has managed and developed dry-land and irrigated vineyards from design phase through to the harvest, and then creating long lived internationally renowned wines of the highest quality at all price points from those vineyards.

Liam has a passion for wines that tell the story of their maker, and believes that the foundations are laid in the vineyard but a wines true greatness comes from a creative mind. What lights Liam up is working with other winemakers to reach their full potential. He has unique insights into the world of high end small batch winemaking, being an expert in the growing and making of wines that display balance, complexity and excitement.

With many years experience in harsh viticultural conditions such as drought, frost, and high rainfall, Liam has a unique understanding of the challenges facing vineyard owners and operators when trying to create ultra-premium fruit.

With many years experience creating wines of different styles, Liam’s expertise is at the fore when creating bold, complex full bodied reds and aromatic whites. He has almost 20 years experience using new oak, both French and American, and intimately their impact on aroma, flavour and most importantly, texture. Liam’s belief is that its the texture of the wine that creates the backbone for developing flavour and aroma.